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80s cartoons icons

rocking it old school

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80s cartoon icons

a community for people who love to make LJ icons/graphics. and are you also are stuck in a nostalgic state concerning those "radical" 80s cartoons from your childhood? then this is the place for you. please read the rules below before joining! :3 i know, no one likes rules, but they make it more enjoyable for everyone!


1. you must have at least one icon in every post. no posts saying, "hi, i just joined, i love strawberry shortcake la la la." say it the first time you post icons. all posts (except the occasional mod post) must have icons.

2. if you have more than 3 icons in your post, please put them under a cut! also, if your icon features even light swearing, please place it under a cut. some people are very particular.

<lj-cut text="click here"> your icons here </lj-cut>

3. no rude or hateful comments or behavior tolderated. keep swearing to a minimum. you know, obvious things.

4. no plugging and pimping your own sites and icons journals, then just slapping a 5-second base to make the post "legal." if you want to advertise your stuff, wait until you have a decent icon post, then add the plug as an afterthought. and it MUST be directly-related to 80s cartoons.

5. lurkers make for a boring, boring community! if you don't have any icons to post, then leave comments every once in a while! feedback is always appreciated!

6. remember to credit the person who made the icon in your icon keywords, unless they specifically say you don't have to.

7. this page may be updated at any point, at which time there will be a mod post to let you know. :) have fun!